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'14 RZR 1000 Performance Exhaust

$449.99 $495.95

Your '14 RZR 1000 is going to perform to the max with our higher flowing slip-on muffler; you'll gain up to 4 horsepower over stock and up to 7 horsepower over HMF, and up to  3 ft-lbs of torque over stock and up to 5 over HMF.  Couple that power upgrade with our deep, throaty growl, and you'll have a muffler that is quiet enough that you don't wake the neighbors but packs a serious punch in the dunes and on the trails.

Featuring better sound quality than all other performance mufflers at all operating conditions, this muffler has a polished heat shield, is finished in Jet Black Ceramic Coat and comes with a removable spark arrestor.

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