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'14-'18 Wildcat Trail Performance Exhaust

$329.99 $349.95

If you want to step up the performance level of your Wildcat Trail, this is the muffler for you!  With our superior flow and lower back pressure our muffler adds a whopping 10% to your horsepower (without a fuel controller!). Now, we don't determine our power increases through computer models, nope. We ran it through the paces on our dyno, back-to-back with the stock, a D&D, and a Turbo Dynamics muffler. Not only did we gain the most power, we were the only performance muffler to meet the 94 dB requirement (as measured according to SAE J1288), so you get more trail-legal power!

This muffler has better sound quality than all other performance mufflers at all operating conditions, it growls with EZ Ryde's signature throaty tone.  It is finished in Jet Black Ceramic Coat, has either a polished or midnight outlet, and removable spark arrestor.

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